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New server for Baylys
The website has been moved to a new server (twin G5 xserver) on a new OS (mac OS X). DNS will take the customary few days to propogate. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.
Posted by David Bayly on 5/20/06; 9:40:23 PM
from the Housekeeping dept.

Move to port 80
The preferred port on which this site is served is changed to port 80 (from 8080). Both ports should continue to work for a while (months) yet. Please change your bookmarks though.
Posted by David Bayly on 4/14/05; 7:52:31 PM
from the Community dept.

TranslateAid 1.2.8
Jan Storms has been working on translateAid and has now contributed 3 patches

  • Fix for a bug with option lists in wizards
  • Fix for the expanding & editing wizards
  • localisation of translateAid itself to Dutch

Thanks Jan!

TranslateAid is a localisation tool for Frontier applications in the form of a Manila plugin.

Download or update bayly.root to get these changes.
Posted by David Bayly on 4/20/04; 8:27:06 AM
from the bayly.root dept.

Bounce Suite now supports PCs
The bounce suite has been modified to handle the automation of the save copy of all roots, including the Frontier.root.

Professor Peter Baumgartner of the Manila Project at the University of Innsbruck in Austria recently commissioned Paul S. Waters <> to write the necessary VBS component to complement the bounce suite and I have modified the bounce suite to make use of it.

Please read the caveats described in the URL above before relying on bounce to work on a Windows server.
Posted by David Bayly on 11/15/03; 2:33:45 PM
from the bayly.root dept.

Linguist Plugin upgraded to version 1.1
The linguist Plugin has been updated to use the URLchains Suite and is consequently now compatible with addedValues Plugin.

Linguist helps with the maintenance of websites which have multiple language versions of all or some of their stories.
Posted by David Bayly on 9/19/03; 6:15:26 PM
from the linguist Plugin dept.

urlChains Suite Documentation
An advanced developers tool, the urlChains suite is to be released shortly. Documentation is now available for review and comment.

One of the hidden mechanisms of Manila websites is the urls table. It can be a useful mechanism for head and tail patching key Manila scripts called from each website by , for example, Manila plugins. However a protocol is needed if multiple plugins are to do this in a transparent way. I propose a candidate protocol and implement it in the urlChains suite.
Posted by David Bayly on 9/3/03; 10:36:57 AM
from the Other Frontier Stuff dept.

addedValues Plugin
Postings on this site have been infrequent recently, because the addedValues plugin and related activities have consumed all of my available time. This effort is finally winding down as the end of a very long development and beta process comes into sight.

addedValues is a new plugin that adds database features to Manila. The result combines all of the dynamic content management of Manila with the data storage and search capabilities of commercial flat-file databases. If even more powerful database capabilities are needed, addedValues can be used as a Universal Web front end for traditional database applications. It was inspired by, and intended to replace the the metadatData plugin, and supports most of its ancestors feature set.

addedValues is free and can be downloaded from its own website at
Posted by David Bayly on 8/30/03; 11:11:26 AM
from the addedValues Plugin dept.