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This page allows you to inspect and manage all Groups in your site. A group is a name used to label a collection of variables together with the forms, reports and queries derived from them. Groups are used to to define user transactions, but not all groups have variables that are transaction variables; at their most general groups are simply a way of managing web sites with many addedValues variables more conveniently.

Use the Inspect button to see all variables in the group and forms, reports and queries that use those variables. The Xref button additionally shows the known usages of each of the variables, forms, reports, queries, etc.; in even greater detail if the preference to track usage of macros is set. It can be time consuming to build this report for groups with many variables.

Adding a group means adding a new name to the list of values that appear in group dropdown menus. Deleting a groupname means subtracting that value from the list; you are not permitted to do that if the group has variables which are inuse in any way. Cloning a group means a creating a new group with the same variables, but without queries. reports, forms, updaters, triggers and timed tasks. addedValues will not allow you to clone a group that has message, gems, member or shortcut variables but you may clone groups with user transaction or table template variables.

Exporting a group means creating a text file with an XML description of the variables, forms, reports, and queries in a way that allows addedValues to recreate the definitions. One use of this is to copy definitions across websites.

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