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Bug Report 000061eve
seems special chars don't make it into bugz reports
Bug Report 000078eve
editing a bug report clears previously entered values in drop down
Bug Report 000183eve
when browsing through bugz, the 2nd and further pages do not display in the same look and feel as the 1st page does.
Bug Report 000630David Bayly
Test by David

Bug Report 000573Rutishauser Andreas
Wanted to activate “Autoreply” at http://www.mus.ch:8080/emailOptions
Bug Report 000576Lee Baker
Conflict between Manila and Bayly.root

Bug Report 000009
string.patternMatch() is case sensitive
Bug Report 000013Nicholas Riley
tcp.httpClient does not respect port for redirects
Bug Report 000018David Bayly
xm.compile deletes the variable passed in a parameter if it fails
Bug Report 000165
Hits to a specific domain are not being documented in commonLog. I suspect it may be due to the length of the domain (30 characters, excluding 'www.'
Bug Report 000447
Report using customInputFormLink macro is hitting an error.
Bug Report 000479
Report attribute hitnumber not functioning with audit tables
Bug Report 000625eve
file uploadmon aila seems broken

Bug Report 000010Samuel Reynolds
mainResponder.security.blockHttpByIP doesn't do zones
Bug Report 000017Samuel Reynolds
webserver.util.setCookie doesn't append cookies correctly

Bug Report 000012John VanDyk
bulletins prefs stored differently for /signup and /prefs
Bug Report 000015David Bayly
Some RPC operations on large websites act as CPU hogs.
Bug Report 000055eve
Weird errors since this evening...
Bug Report 000060eve
Still getting errors on dg and dg settings in http://www.udena.com/eveHospital/
Bug Report 000062Kat
Funny noise without visible consequences: Can‚t evaluate the expression because the name „61‰ hasn‚t been defined. at lros.ch
next 20 bugs

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