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Bug Report 000012

Reported : 22:23; 20Feb2002 (changed 23:42; 15Oct2005)
Reported By : John VanDyk
Status : Unknown ( Update)
Software Item : Manila MacOS X
Abstract : bulletins prefs stored differently for /signup and /prefs
What I did : Signed up for membership in a Manila site, then edited my prefs.<br>
What I Expected : I chose &quot;Yes&quot; for Receive Bulletins and &quot;No&quot; for In HTML. These are the default values. In the users table the entry looks like this:<br><br>&amp;lt;pre&amp;gt;bulletins<br> enabled true<br> inHTML false&amp;lt;/pre&amp;gt;<br><br>Then I went to /prefs/default to edit my preferences, but my bulletins preferences did not match what I'd entered.<br>
What Happened : Upon viewing the /prefs/default page, the users table entry changed to this:<br><br>&amp;lt;pre&amp;gt;bulletins<br> enabled true<br> inHTML false<br> skippy 0 items &amp;lt;-- skippy is the short name of my website &amp;lt;/pre&amp;gt;<br><br>And after editing the prefs, they were stored in the skippy subtable:<br><br>&amp;lt;pre&amp;gt;bulletins<br> enabled true<br> inHTML false<br> skippy 2 items<br> enabled true<br> inHTML false&amp;lt;/pre&amp;gt;
Impact : I can work around it
Supporting Notes : Because the List of Subscribers page looks only in the subtable version, it appears that there are no subscribers when there really are.<br><br>Workaround is to either hack the signup process to force creation of the subtable or use the prefs form at /prefs/default to force creation of the subtable.
Supporting Files :
Developer :

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