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Bug Report 000013

Reported : 00:06; 23Feb2002 (changed 23:33; 15Oct2005)
Reported By : Nicholas Riley
Status : Unknown ( Update)
Software Item : Frontier 8.0fc1 MacOS X
Abstract : tcp.httpClient does not respect port for redirects
What I did : Called tcp.httpClient with ctFollowRedirects > 1. The site was on port 8080, but it redirected to port 80.
What I Expected : Frontier accesses the redirected site on port 80.
What Happened : Frontier accessed the redirected site on port 8080.
Impact : I can work around it
Supporting Notes : The fix is at <a href="http://frontier.userland.com/discuss/msgReader$9737">http://frontier.userland.com/discuss/msgReader$9737</a> I tried to paste it here but it didn't work.
Supporting Files :
Developer :

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