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Bug Report 000015

Reported : 17:04; 06Apr2002 (changed 23:44; 15Oct2005)
Reported By : David Bayly
Status : Unknown ( Update)
Software Item : Manila Mac Classic
Abstract : Some RPC operations on large websites act as CPU hogs.
What I did : Asked to see all messages in a category (stories, pictures, etc) in a large Manila website using the Manila rpchandlers.<br>&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;<br>Or<br>&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;<br>Asked to see all shortcuts in a large Manila website using the Manila rpchandlers.
What I Expected : My request to be handled gracefully along with the other work the machine and Frontier was doing at the time.
What Happened : Everything else in Frontier and in other applications ground to a halt until the list was generated.
Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : We had to patch this to continue using Manila in a commercial hosting environment as this is the mechanism that Pike/Radio Userland employs.<br>&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;[1]&amp;lt;<a href="http://www.baylys.com:8080/Patches/manilaSuite/rpcHandlers/message/listPictures&amp">http://www.baylys.com:8080/Patches/manilaSuite/rpcHandlers/message/listPictures&amp</a>;gt;<br>&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;[2]&amp;lt;<a href="http://www.baylys.com:8080/Patches/manilaSuite/rpcHandlers/message/listStories&amp">http://www.baylys.com:8080/Patches/manilaSuite/rpcHandlers/message/listStories&amp</a>;gt;<br>&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;[3]<a href="http://www.baylys.com:8080/Patches/manilaSuite/rpcHandlers/shortcut/listall">http://www.baylys.com:8080/Patches/manilaSuite/rpcHandlers/shortcut/listall</a>
Supporting Files :
Developer :

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