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Bug Report 000061

Reported : 18:38; 26Jan2006 (changed 18:40; 26Jan2006)
Reported By : eve
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : BUGZ
Abstract : seems special chars don't make it into bugz reports
What I did : eg. bugz report <a href="http://www.baylys.com/bugz/stories/storyReader$47">http://www.baylys.com/bugz/stories/storyReader$47</a><br> I copied and pasted Frontier errors into the bugz form fields and got wrong result.
What I Expected : no change of pasted text
What Happened : see above
Impact :
Supporting Notes : browser: camino (different versions), encoding (Western) ISO-Latin-1
Supporting Files :
Developer : If you are pointing out that <br> Can&#145;t evaluate the expression because the name &#147;listPictures&#148; hasn&#145;t been defined. <br> gets turned into <br> Can&#8800;t evaluate the expression because the name &#8805;listPictures&#8776; hasn&#8800;t been defined. <br> well yes. none of the three characters are in latin-1. <p> I foudn a place in mainreponder to fix this. real quesion is why does frontier not xlate them.

ok...as i said, no biggie, no impact, just curiosity...would have thought the browser would change encoding to correct one when doing copy/paste but obviously doesn't
--2006/01/27; 13:53:34 eve ( efrei at udena dot ch )

same problem here, Firefox 1.0.7 Win XP
--2006/01/27; 09:42:42 Kat ( cat at catconsulting dot ch )

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