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Bug Report 000062

Reported : 19:46; 26Jan2006 (changed 19:46; 26Jan2006)
Reported By : Kat
Status : Unknown ( Update)
Software Item : Manila
Abstract : Funny noise without visible consequences: Can‚t evaluate the expression because the name „61‰ hasn‚t been defined. at lros.ch
What I did : create new story (<a href="http://www.lros.ch/stories/storyReader$3640">http://www.lros.ch/stories/storyReader$3640</a>), then "set a relative path for this message" by the way of the admin box. Then the error message "Can&#8218;t evaluate the expression because the name &#8222;61&#8240; hasn&#8218;t been defined."
What I Expected : a message "the path has been created, you can jump there"
What Happened : The error message shows up, but the path is created correctly. The number in the error message is always different. This error occurs sometimes since the big Manila-upgrade and sometimes it doesn't.
Impact : Unimportant
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer :

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