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Bug Report 000147

Reported : 14:18; 31Mar2006 (changed 10:12; 01Oct2007)
Reported By :
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin
Abstract : problem handling builtIns
What I did : Used macro string.popSuffix I adopted the syntax string.popSuffix ("file.html", '.') as described on page <a href="http://docserver.userland.com/string/popSuffix">http://docserver.userland.com/string/popSuffix</a>

What I Expected : that the builtIn be executed.
What Happened : One of the following.<p>

With single quotes for the seperator, AV returns the error:<p>

A number, string, variable or macro call was expected - '<p>

With double quotes, AV accepts the macro definition but does not process the request.<p>

Note: If I use another builtIn this way<p>

<b>[</b>Macro error: Can&#8217;t evaluate the expression because the name &#8220;catalogPath&#8221; hasn&#8217;t been defined.<b>]</b><p>

it gets handled properly.

Impact :
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer : Yes 2 bugs confirmed.<p>

1. character string not accepted.<p>

2. string.popSuffix definition.<p>

Both fixed i b298. Ok on baldur now.

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