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Bug Report 000165

Reported : 19:53; 07Apr2006 (changed 20:47; 07Apr2006)
Reported By :
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : Frontier 9.1.b4 Mac OS X
Abstract : Hits to a specific domain are not being documented in commonLog. I suspect it may be due to the length of the domain (30 characters, excluding 'www.'
What I did : Looked in the commonLog folder
What I Expected : to see one folder called: www.chirurgia-plastica-online.info with the relative files of hits to the site
What Happened : no such folder is there. If I call up the page via another domain with the manilaWebsite name, the hits registers. Example: 1-to-x.com/plas/chi_siamo
Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : showstopper for client naturally, cause can't find out if they've been spidered by engines, volume fo traffic, etc. No way to control either what could be going on.
Supporting Files :
Developer : No such file structure is built by Frontier. I wonder if there is a custom script running. Standard Frontier makes one file per day in ops:logs:common Logs: folder, thought the location can change.

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