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Bug Report 000447

Reported : 11:09; 17Sep2006 (changed 12:41; 18Sep2006)
Reported By :
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : Frontier fc5 Mac OS X
Abstract : Report using customInputFormLink macro is hitting an error.
What I did : I went to page: <a href="http://cute-distribution.com/stories/storyReader$342">http://cute-distribution.com/stories/storyReader$342</a><p>

I chose the category 'none'<p>

and hit Search button.

What I Expected : To obtain a list of all members in cohort buyer that have in their member table pluginInfo.addedValues.buyerGroup = none
What Happened : Got error: Cannot report the search results because Can&#8800;t coerce &#8805;s.["dbayly@udena.ch"]&#8776; to an address because it doesn't specify a valid object in the database structure.. Oddly, <a href="mailto:dbayly@udena.ch">dbayly@udena.ch</a> has buyerGroup = europe When the search is conducted with the other two values, it returns results properly.
Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : The message contains the following macro call:<p>

<b>[</b>Macro error: Cannot perform the search because buyerGroupList is not a form<b>]</b>

Supporting Files :
Developer : Well the message is clear, the search is done but the reporting phase fails. You can establish that by testing the query with an innoucous report. You could take a look at the offending member record, (we have manually added member records without going thru the proper signup process in the past). You could use view values to look at the member record. In other words, there's a lot of basic support techniques you have not tried yet, so please gather that data before filing a bug. <p><p>

The message you cite is odd, it indicates that the computation to get to the address is incorrect. One way that might happen is if the site has been moved or its url changed, without a disable/enable of addedValues. <p><p>

Plase add further data points to this same bug report, I've left it open. <p>


I had examined the users and cohorts tables. I could not find anything peculiar.<p>

I did remove all members, save two (the two I'm using), and the problem seems to have disappeared. So some record was offending, but I guess I could not see what.

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