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Bug Report 000479

Reported : 11:38; 19Oct2006 (changed 16:11; 19Oct2006)
Reported By :
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : Frontier fc9 Mac OS X
Abstract : Report attribute hitnumber not functioning with audit tables
What I did : <a href="http://i-w-r.com/SchedaIndividualeIscritto2006">http://i-w-r.com/SchedaIndividualeIscritto2006</a> Cals u a query of an audit table whose report includes in the hits layout: <tr><td># [[hitnumber]]</td><td align='right'>Total Registrations: [[totalHits]]</td></tr>
What I Expected : to see both the hit number and total hits appear in the proper place
What Happened : totalHits renders, but not hitNumber
Impact : I can work around it
Supporting Notes : page defined as: <b>[</b>Macro error: Cannot evaluate query allBoats06 because it does not exist<b>]</b>

Supporting Files :
Developer : hitnumber has no meaning in a page header, only in a report definition.<p>

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