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Bug Report 000573

Reported : 14:09; 23Apr2007 (changed 17:19; 23Apr2007)
Reported By : Rutishauser Andreas
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : Bayly.root
Abstract : Wanted to activate "Autoreply" at <a href="http://www.mus.ch:8080/emailOptions">http://www.mus.ch:8080/emailOptions</a>
What I did : clicked on Radio "Autoreply aktivieren" entered some autoreply text clicked button "Aenderungen schicken"
What I Expected : Activate autoreply
What Happened : We're interrupting this program to bring you this message!<p>

The email Attributes Manager couldn't process your request because: Couldn't create the folder "a:Applications:EIMS 200510181049:EIMS autoreply:", because "The folder &#8805;a:Applications:EIMS 200510181049:EIMS autoreply:&#8776; wasn&#8800;t found."

Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer : Frontier believes that the path to the EIMS server was a:Applications:EIMS 200510181049:EIMS server. I suspect that your problem with a disk was the trigger for that. <p>

Plkease etest and confirm a fix

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