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Bug Report 000576

Reported : 20:53; 25Apr2007 (changed 22:41; 25Apr2007)
Reported By : Lee Baker
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : Bayly.root Windows XP
Abstract : Conflict between Manila and Bayly.root
What I did : Edited a comment via the DG.
What I Expected : The comment to be edited and changed accordingly.
What Happened : Error message:<p>

Can't call "Dispatcher" because there are too many parameters.

Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : URL:<p>

<a href="http://www.spiderlines.com/discuss/edit/postEditedMsg">http://www.spiderlines.com/discuss/edit/postEditedMsg</a>

Supporting Files :
Developer : I have made a patch to the manilCallback suite ; which should fix this. Please update bayly.root, then from the console open a quickscrip window and enter manilaSiteCallbacks.init() and click run.<p>

As I don;t run userland style comments on any of my sites , I have no way of testing this change. Now please test one of your sites thoroughly; Userlands undocumented changes to the way these callbacks work broke this very long running suite, and I don't want to fix little this same error over and over again.

Last update: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 10:41:47 PM. Send spam to gotcha@baylys.com