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Bug Report 000577

Reported : 17:40; 27Apr2007 (changed 18:09; 27Apr2007)
Reported By : Zappatini, Gilberto
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.4 Mac OS X
Abstract : bulletins.maenner.enabled and bulletins.maenner.inHtml are not really boolean in maenner.ch
What I did : I try to build a signup and login process with additional members-variables. When including bulletins.maenner.enabled and bulletins.maenner.inHtml in the form "frmMembersignup" I couldn't set them neither true nor false. Then I opened the two variables the way I would modify them. The fixed default value is neither true nor false, but "".
What I Expected : I compared with the same bulletins in maennerzeitung.ch. There the default value is "false". I expected the same in maenner.ch.
What Happened : It's ""
Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : David and Eveline, you can open both, variables (bulletins.maenner.enabled, bulletins.maenner.inHtml) and form frmMembersignup. The form is at the moment only for testing my steps to develope this signup process. The form is embedded in the page <a href="http://www.maenner.ch/membersignup">http://www.maenner.ch/membersignup</a>. This page is at the moment ony for tests too.
Supporting Files :
Developer : These variables are builtin variables. From the help for the variables page<p>

Builtin values are values maintained by Manila for some or all messages, gems, shortcuts or members. You can retrieve these values for display in macros, index them (except for shortcuts) but you cannot change them. <p>

Since Manila provides ways of setting the values of these variables and because the meaning of the variables in internal to Manila, there is no safe way for addedValues to set the values of builtins. <p>

In other words, this is not a bug, its as designed and it won't change.<p>

There's nothing to stop you defining your own variables and interpreting them as you wish, but you cannot make Manila know that its should look at your variables to decide how bulletins get sent.<p>


In frontier false and "" are always treated the same
--2007/05/01; 10:25:24 David Bayly ( dbayly at udena dot ch )

I know that I can't change builtin variables. But I don't understand, why in www.maennerzeitung.ch the default of bulletins.maennerzeitung.enabled = "false" or bulletins.vaetertag.enabled = "false" but the same builtin bulletins.maenner.enabled in www.maenner.ch the default = "".

Is this a unsteadiness of Manila, a bug of Manila or a my wrong approach?
--2007/04/30; 22:36:03 Zappatini, Gilberto ( webmaster at zappatini dot com )


<item title="Email bulletins bekommen?" type="boolean" adr="bulletins.[site].enabled" viewByEditorsOnly="false" default="true">





<item title="Lieber in HTML?" type="boolean" adr="bulletins.[site].inHtml" viewByEditorsOnly="false" default="false">

--2007/04/27; 18:31:01 eve ( efrei at udena dot ch )

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