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Bug Report 000583

Reported : 12:07; 14May2007 (changed 11:55; 15May2007)
Reported By : Jan Storms
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.4
Abstract : error on delete member update form
What I did : made a update form with one custom member variable<p>

tried to delete it

What I Expected : deletion
What Happened : error: no subtable named plugininfo<p>

mrdebugger shows error in : addedValuesPI.index.deIndexEntity<p>

at: local (adrAccessorTbl = @adrEntity^.pluginInfo.[addedValuesPI.data.pluginname].deIndexEntity) &#171;07/04/27, 11:28:35 by DAB &#171;local (accessorTbl)<p>

but adrEntity = @["Karttikeya:Applications:Frontier:Guest Databases:www:manilaWebsites.root"].studioblissartcomManilaWebsite.["#plugins"].data.addedValues.forms.m_kunstenaar_update.testData.members which is an empty table<p>

workaround is revert to older version

Impact : I can work around it
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer : Jan, it looks like you tested this form and that made a dummy member record for you to play with and that got indexed. easiest way would have been to flush test data on the test test form page.<p><p>

I see what the bug is, have to think how to fix it.<p><p>


15May07 fixed and path avilabel via rootupdate<p>

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