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Bug Report 000587

Reported : 19:05; 22May2007 (changed 10:27; 24May2007)
Reported By : Jan Storms
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.4
Abstract : rico libraries not loaded in paged hitlists
What I did : on <a href="http://www.studio-bliss-art.com/">http://www.studio-bliss-art.com/</a><p>

click on "Marie-Christine Dorjee"<p>

the report shows the first 8 hits on the right with thumbnails<p>

the ajax details are loaded fine<p>

clicked "next"

What I Expected : same access to ajax details as on page 1
What Happened : the thumbs load but the ajax detail is missing<p>

upon inspection of the page source: the rico library references are missing in the page head

Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer : Yes. confirmed.<p><p>

I have made fix, update the addedValues root to try it. Please confirm if it fixes the problem.<p><p>

=== 24May2007<p>

Please retry, fixd a a unwanted line.<p>

Ah now I see it the typo is in the same line, it gives both errors at different times.
--2007/05/23; 23:13:40 Jan Storms ( jan at storms dot org )

The other error is:

[Macro error: Can‚t find a sub-table named „addedVlauesPI‰.]

I haven't been able to locate where it is.
--2007/05/23; 23:11:03 Jan Storms ( jan at storms dot org )

Run into a macro error on front page now:

referrer missing

is in addedvalueMacros.search at

pta^.[addedVlauesPI.data.pluginName].searchReferer = pta^.requestHeaders.referer «<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

there is an other bug as well, but I can't get past this one
--2007/05/23; 21:46:51 Jan Storms ( jan at storms dot org )

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