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Bug Report 000610

Reported : 20:54; 06Jul2007 (changed 10:06; 09Jul2007)
Reported By : Zappatini, Gilberto
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.4 Mac OS X
Abstract : erorr-message when set-layout in forms
What I did : In vaetergewinnen.ch I added a variable dBildAKTUELLm to the group grpAktuell. Then I integrated it in the ETP-form frmFactEingabe, changed the code for the layout and klicked the button "Set Layout".
What I Expected : That I can use the new variable in the form
What Happened : I got the error-message: Cannot set the layout because manilaETP message forms must include subject and body(or text).<p>

The code including this 2 elements is: [[subject hidden("Neue Eingabe")]] [[body hiddenpagemacrocall("repAktuellAusgabe")]] [[storytype hidden("frmAktuellEingabe")]]<p>

To clarify, if I have done a mistake, I went to www.forummann.ch and www.vaetertag.ch, took a form and without changing anything klicked the button "Set Layout" and got in both sites the same error massage.<p>

Was there changes in the meantime with hidden elements? I don't fine a solution myself.

Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer : There is no form called frmFactEingabe in the website. I might guess that you actually mean frmAktuellEingabe, but I don't have the time to detective work on your bug reports. <p><p><p>

That form - frmAktuellEingabe - has has a bad layout because<p><p><p>

Cannot set the layout because it doesn't include dbildaktuellm<p><p><p>

Which is up to you to fix. <p><p><p>

This report does not meet the requirements of clarity and reproducibility. <p><p><p>

Please document your bugs clearly.<p><p>


Gilberto; the form is internally inconsistent, I'd like to know why but have no way of seeing what you have done. Th message is correct; the variable body which is automatically included in the dictionary of every ETP form is no longer there. I can only assume you have found a way to delete it, and I wish I knew what it was.<p><p>

You only course is to delete and then recreate this form from scratch. <p>


I spent some time trying to reproduce the loss of the dictionary entry; and found a bug which I have now fixed.

OK - as you suggest, it's the form frmAktuellEingabe. I removed the variable dbildaktuellm.

When «Set layout» the form, I get the error message: «Cannot set the layout because manilaETP message forms must include subject and body(or text).»
Both, subject and body are included in the form but hidden.

I tried to make a test-from, to give you the possibility to make tests outside the running groups and forms, The group is grpTest, the form is frmTestEingabe. There is only 1 variable and the storytype part of the form. Subject and body are not hidden.
When sending the form I get the error-message:
«Sorry! There was an error: Can't find a sub-table named "Reports".
The error was detected by Frontier 9.0 in mainResponder.respond. Webmaster: webmaster@udena.ch. Time: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 21:15:47 GMT.»

Then, wenn I refresh the page «editing form» and send the form, I get again the error message: «Cannot set the layout because manilaETP message forms must include subject and body(or text).»

Conclusion: the problem is not caused by hidden elements. but the error still remains.
--2007/07/07; 23:23:14 Zappatini, Gilberto ( webmaster at zappatini dot com )

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