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Bug Report 000631

Reported : 13:58; 12Sep2007 (changed 14:51; 12Sep2007)
Reported By : eve
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : Manila
Abstract : generated search reports in AV are mangled in manila
What I did : create a search reports in AV<p>

lists of hits looks like: [[hit1]]<br> [[hit2]]<br> ...<p>

What I Expected : the the html would just show<p>

code for hit1<br> code for hit2<br> etc.

What Happened : the <cr>s in the hitlist are replaced with <p> tags which produces code like<p>

<tr> <td> code..... </td> </tr> <p> <p> <p> <p> repeat random no of times <tr> etc.<p>

this sort of works in normal html as the browsers in general do the right thing but when using css, the styles aren't applied due to the <p> tags inserted. Every report has to be de-mangled by manually eliminating the <cr>s which makes them more or less unreadable for human beings.

Impact : I can work around it
Supporting Notes :
Supporting Files :
Developer : This is normal manila behaviour, controlled by the HTML rendering preference autoparagraph (which you can set to false in a website using maanilafixer preferences page in directives) - and the effect is avoidable by deleting trailing carriage return from the text used for each hit. It's only double carriage returns that Manila converts to a p tag, and only when the preference dictates it should.

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