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Bug Report 000649

Reported : 20:22; 05Nov2007 (changed 20:54; 05Nov2007)
Reported By : Jans Carton
Status : Fixed ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.8 Mac OS X
Abstract : When using the addedValuesDumpSchema add-in, I get the following error:<p>

Unexpected table externalurls found

What I did : 1. went to frontier control panel:<p>

<a href="http://bacon.websanity.com:5336">http://bacon.websanity.com:5336</a><p>

2. clicked "addedValuesDumpSchema add-in" link in the status panel<p>

3. selected "template01" in the "Website" select list form element<p>

4. pressed the "Submit" button

What I Expected : response of "template01 schema dumped OK" on page and creation of:<p>

/Applications/Frontier/Guest Databases/ops/addedValuesSchema/template01.FTtb

What Happened : response of "Unexpected table externalurls found" on page<p>

no file created at:<p>

/Applications/Frontier/Guest Databases/ops/addedValuesSchema/template01.FTtb

Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : i suspect it has to do with our frontier default site configuration
Supporting Files :
Developer : Confirmed. Patch made for 1.0.10.

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