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Bug Report 000658

Reported : 12:14; 29Nov2007 (changed 13:05; 30Nov2007)
Reported By : jr
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.10 Mac OS X
Abstract : Gems postTime not being indexed at creation time by AV
What I did : Created a gem on web site i-w-r.com or <a href="http://iwr.jobsurf.ch:8082/">http://iwr.jobsurf.ch:8082/</a> via a form that is AV driven and reports to <a href="http://i-w-r.com/it/press/clippings">http://i-w-r.com/it/press/clippings</a>
What I Expected : to have the new items appear on the hitList
What Happened : No item inserted appears. The problem has been isolated to the sole postTime builtIn variable. Other indexed (AV created) variables are being indexed
Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : Manually indexing the variable solves the issue
Supporting Files :
Developer : Postime is being indexed,as you can easily see by looking in the index (open on baldur). I checked whether there was an entry that made sense for the test case you uploaded. There was.<p>

I suggest you check your query.

the following gem was loaded on Baldur: http://iwr.jobsurf.ch:8082/gems/edit/editGem$367
however it does not appear on page:

A view values on page:
does return the error
The entity Gems 367 doesn't exist
--2007/11/29; 13:28:13 jr ( jrp at iwant2go2 dot com )

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