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Bug Report 000668

Reported : 15:16; 23Dec2007 (changed 18:15; 23Dec2007)
Reported By : jr
Status : Rejected ( Update)
Software Item : addedValues Plugin 1.0.11 Mac OS X
Abstract : Rico detail reports being called without enacting manila picturef macros properly
What I did : <a href="http://domenichino.jobsurf.ch:8082/stories/storyReader$171">http://domenichino.jobsurf.ch:8082/stories/storyReader$171</a><p>

does not show first hit, nor any succesive one.

What I Expected : to see the first hit (just an image)
What Happened : blank space when calling any form of macro relating to pictures.<p>

other renderings do give proper data

Impact : Showstopper
Supporting Notes : Did installation on kTerre and this is properly generated:<p>

<a href="http://1-to-x.com/domenichino/stories/storyReader$171">http://1-to-x.com/domenichino/stories/storyReader$171</a><p>

kTerre runs on 1.0.10

Supporting Files :
Developer : Enable firebug on the Baldur site , look at console as you click on the pictures. Take a long careful look at the title and quoted url in that page. Thee's an extra domenichino/ in the name, somehow related from the home page url of the original website. <a href="http://www.1-to-x.com/domenichino/">http://www.1-to-x.com/domenichino/</a>. To fix this define the report again. I might agree that it would be nice if addedValues redefined RICO reports when a site was moved, but this is not a showstopper bug and you could have picked this up using firebug. <p>

Secondly, in message 166 for example foto has the value cam1a.jph, a shortcut. Your report calls it from the pictureRef macro. I looked at the shortcut and it had an img tag which was not closed. This is not valid XHTML and won't work in RICO. (yes I know you have a patch, but Baldur runs as standard as Manila as I can manage and that's what I implement against). <p>

There was no reproducible error in this report, hence the rejection. I suggest you install and run the firebug addin in firefox to help you debug, especially with RICO reports.

Last update: Sunday, December 23, 2007 at 6:15:07 PM. Send spam to gotcha@baylys.com