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What is BUGZ?

This is an unofficial bug tracking database for Frontier and ancilliary software. I needed a way for users of my software to report bugs, and there was no reason to exclude other related software - so I didn't. The website is a Manila website. This database is built using the addedValues Plugin, free software by David Bayly. You can see how addedValues was used to build this website by clicking on the Inside AddedValues link on the left of the page.

What's the Editorial Policy?

This is a free service hosted by Udena Internet, using a Manila website and a few custom scripts by David Bayly, who is totally responsible for the operation of this site and as such, reserves the right to control the content displayed within it. It will take exceptional circumstance to make me exercise that control, but be aware that comments are not visible until approved.

What must I do before I can enter bugs?

You need to be a member to add your bug reports to the database, you can join by clicking the sign up link in the members box. In an effort to slow the spammer scum down slightly, you will have to confirm your membership by clicking a link in an email. Once a member, you can change your user profile and preferences at any time using the profile link in the membership box. Email addresses of members are not revealed unless you spefically add them to your bug reports.

Why does the bug entry form require so much information?

The required items in the bug entry form are what most software developers consider the minimum information they need before they can start work on resolving a bug. In other words, if you complain about a bug but haven't supplied the information to the developer, the next thing that probably happens is either that developer asks for what's missing, or he forgets the whole thing. So it's in the reporters interest to provide everything that's needed for an uninformed person to reproduce the bug.

What's an ideal bug report?

Put yourself in the mind of developer for a moment. He doesn't want to work on bugs, and he especially doesn't want to spend time unproductively on bug fixing. So, a report which doesn't immediately show what the problem is, is starting on the wrong foot. The 3 question format - What I did, What I expected to happen, what actually happened - is meant to give the bug reporter the means to grab the attention of the bug fixerin the most productive manner.

You want the attention of the developer to be focused on solving your problem, not on trying to understand what you mean. So try to provide a step by step procedure needed to reproduce the problem, keeping in mind the developer will prefer to do that on his own machine if at all possible. If you cannot do that, take screenshots, put them into zip file and attach them to the report (Supporting files). Those files will be publicly visible, so don't include passwords or hidden urls.

Can I add to or otherwise change a bug report after it's entered?

Yes, logged on members can edit their own bug reports. You're encourage to do this if new information or even the desire to fix spelling mistakes occurs. You can also annotate your own bugs, if you prefer.

Who can comment on bug reports?

Any logged in member, using the Annotate button at the bottom of each report. Comments are moderated, they don't become publicy visible until cleared by the webmaster. This is unavoidable caution in the days of comment spam by robots controlled by spammer scum.

Last update: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 9:12:29 PM. Send spam to gotcha@baylys.com