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15:52; 16Feb2006 (15:53; 16Feb2006) NotedBug Report 000083eve
some pictures are not listed in picture list after bulk load
16:55; 06Apr2006 (17:08; 06Apr2006) NotedBug Report 000160eve
site ewci, variable personalinfo.country

doesn't display pre-defined values anymore

11:37; 19Apr2006 (13:44; 19Apr2006) NotedBug Report 000212eve
When gping straight to the view values page, the editors menu doesn't show up
17:36; 11Apr2006 (18:47; 22Apr2006) NotedBug Report 000189eve
values for body are different in view values to what is shown when i open the page with “edit this page”
18:21; 26Apr2006 (20:02; 26Apr2006) NotedBug Report 000219
linguistMacros.crossLink not funcitoning with AV where URLs are similar save for linguist path
17:45; 24May2006 (21:29; 25May2006) NotedBug Report 000255eve
after move of site, pictures insist in falling back to wrong static site defaults
17:51; 07Jul2006 (18:24; 07Jul2006) UnknownBug Report 000310
eMailForm postProcessor macro not completing.
22:26; 17Jul2006 (12:27; 18Jul2006) NotedBug Report 000327
initialValues passed to user transactions hang on extended HTML-numerically defined characters
01:06; 21Jul2006 (18:28; 21Jul2006) NotedBug Report 000343eve
when filling in a form containing a picture and there is an error, the picture field is emptied and therenis no indication whether it has been uploaded or not. this worked a few days ago.
02:12; 22Jul2006 (13:59; 22Jul2006) NotedBug Report 000347eve
ratio of picture size in http://www.addedvalues.org/showcase/ is not ideal for web pages
22:29; 29Aug2006 (23:07; 29Aug2006) NotedBug Report 000426
addedValueMacros.memberSignup generating wrong form action url
20:07; 09Sep2006 (23:10; 09Sep2006) NotedBug Report 000441Jan Storms
the formassembler complains it cannot compile an effector
11:46; 02Oct2006 (14:00; 02Oct2006) NotedBug Report 000464
ManilaExtras.loginForm does not relay error messages as Manil login form does
12:23; 11Oct2006 (13:54; 11Oct2006) NotedBug Report 000469Zappatini, Gilberto
entering in maenner.ch the code for a calculated variable, which works in vaetertag.ch site, I get an error message: The parser failed because Stack overflow: application stack.
12:59; 10Nov2006 (15:05; 10Nov2006) NotedBug Report 000493Jan Storms
use of report through addedValuesSuite.queries.queryToCursor complains that report is not available
13:08; 13Dec2006 (14:40; 13Dec2006) NotedBug Report 000514
addedValueMacros.beginUserTransactionLinkPopup script not rendering
11:32; 26Jun2007 (17:51; 26Jun2007) NotedBug Report 000605jr
beginUserTransactionLinkPopup not generating popUp
23:27; 11Jul2007 (09:24; 12Jul2007) NotedBug Report 000612Jans Carton
Custom file upload forms only allow file uploads by managing editors.
11:05; 27Nov2007 (11:35; 27Nov2007) NotedBug Report 000657Ben Collis
Is ManilaExtras.loginForm still working ?

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