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previous 20 bugs
11:05; 29May2008 (19:39; 29May2008) RejectedBug Report 000718jr
noHTML attribute of variable not being triggered
19:34; 23Dec2007 (19:53; 23Dec2007) RejectedBug Report 000670jr
Forms redering decimals with integer and fractions inverted in sequence
15:16; 23Dec2007 (18:15; 23Dec2007) RejectedBug Report 000668jr
Rico detail reports being called without enacting manila picturef macros properly
15:16; 23Dec2007 (17:32; 23Dec2007) FixedBug Report 000669jr
builtIn variables generating errors in new mthods generation
17:08; 21Dec2007 (18:13; 21Dec2007) FixedBug Report 000667Jans Carton
When uploading a new picture, form returns error:

Supplied value for attachFile is a tableType but should be String.

12:14; 29Nov2007 (13:05; 30Nov2007) RejectedBug Report 000658jr
Gems postTime not being indexed at creation time by AV
20:22; 05Nov2007 (20:54; 05Nov2007) FixedBug Report 000649Jans Carton
When using the addedValuesDumpSchema add-in, I get the following error:

Unexpected table externalurls found

18:09; 18Oct2007 (19:05; 18Oct2007) RejectedBug Report 000641Jan Storms
not able to “Set layout” on ETP-form
14:18; 31Mar2006 (10:12; 01Oct2007) FixedBug Report 000147
problem handling builtIns
13:58; 12Sep2007 (14:51; 12Sep2007) RejectedBug Report 000631eve
generated search reports in AV are mangled in manila
12:16; 12Sep2007 (12:17; 12Sep2007) RejectedBug Report 000630David Bayly
Test by David
20:36; 30Aug2007 (22:02; 30Aug2007) FixedBug Report 000625eve
file uploadmon aila seems broken
20:54; 06Jul2007 (10:06; 09Jul2007) RejectedBug Report 000610Zappatini, Gilberto
erorr-message when set-layout in forms
20:54; 06Jul2007 (10:57; 07Jul2007) RejectedBug Report 000611Zappatini, Gilberto
error-message when editing a story
07:16; 07Jun2007 (11:29; 07Jun2007) FixedBug Report 000593Kat
Impossible to edit messages on www.lros.ch
19:05; 22May2007 (10:27; 24May2007) FixedBug Report 000587Jan Storms
rico libraries not loaded in paged hitlists
00:59; 18May2007 (12:34; 18May2007) RejectedBug Report 000585jr
Screaming eagle popping up again
12:07; 14May2007 (11:55; 15May2007) FixedBug Report 000583Jan Storms
error on delete member update form
17:19; 30Apr2007 (10:23; 01May2007) RejectedBug Report 000579Zappatini, Gilberto
opening or changing a form causes an error-message: Can't find a sub-table named “Reports”
17:40; 27Apr2007 (18:09; 27Apr2007) RejectedBug Report 000577Zappatini, Gilberto
bulletins.maenner.enabled and bulletins.maenner.inHtml are not really boolean in maenner.ch
previous 20 bugs

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